Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Astonishing Adventures # 5 On Sale At Last

The current issue of Astonishing Adventures Magazine is finally on sale as a hard copy magazine. This issue features the final installment of my column "The Many Worlds of Wold Newton" with AAM. I have another possible venue for it, but it's way too soon to confirm anything. Astonishing Adventures # 5 can be ordered on here:

AAM # 4, featuring my first Wold Newton column, is still on sale as well here:
Thanx again to Katherine Thomlinson for her unflagging editorial support and encouragement during my time with AAM.

Appropos quote of the week, from one of my very favourite films :

"It's not so much what we do... it's having a choice... being able to decide what it is I want... not just to be forced into a thing because that's the way it is. I'm gonna buy me some time, baby... some time that isn't all fucked up with things we gotta do. Just to be free."

- Youngblood Priest (Ron O'Neal), Superfly


Rachel Kadushin said...

Since I can't comment on the slide show, and the cover of this magazine is in your slide show, I thought I'd comment here. The slide show for the covers of magazines that you've been published in look's great! Any way to make it view bigger?

Henry Covert said...

I wish!