Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Slight Return

Excuse the title; I dig it but admit to overdosing on Hendrix this week, hence its inspiration. Everyone should see RAINBOW BRIDGE more often.

It's a 'slight return' in that I don't currently have it in me to do much blogging. I'm saving my meager talents for my wife's site She Never Slept. I just turned in a review of Jinx Dawson's new Coven album over at SNS. My dear friend Sean Levin is the main assistant editor and he was kind enough to post the review, as well as the work of Assistant editor Heather Royston, and a few of Sean's own excellent reviews. We're trying to gradually resuscitate SNS after a hiatus for most of 2013. I covered some of this in earlier blogs, so please excuse my redundancies.

So my 'slight return' amounts to a massive article project I should have up here soon. I've been working on it all day, much to the detriment of my spine. And I'll be posting some videos and art just to keep this thing going from time to time. I yearn to be a full-time blogger sometime, but 2013 chipped a bit of my soul away - and my ambitions as a writer, sadly, were largely included in that. C'est la vie...


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Henry Covert said...

I didn't mention that I'll post a link here to the SNS Coven review soon.