Thursday, February 13, 2014


For the past week, I've been typing furiously in an attempt to complete and post a new, very lengthy blog by next week. I'm excruciatingly close to completion, but I'm slightly hung up on the last fine tuning. Also I need to collect more graphix to break this baby up. It makes the Kimba article's 5000 + words look short. It's clocking in right around 16,000 + words. 

A short graphic and video preview of the Black Sabbath article, which covers their 25 (non-compilation) albums (remind me to never again tackle an act's entire discography in one piece in one week!):

My article is comprehensive - exhaustive and exhausting. I rank all 25 albums in a countdown from my least  (#25) to my most (#1) favourite. This is a purely subjective list not a "best of". However it is teeming with information and (hopefully) insights about the band. Coming soon!


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