Friday, October 30, 2009

COVEN - 'Lady O' for Jinx [HQ] by Henry Zeo Covert

My first video: an offering of thanx, for many years of beautiful sounds, to my friend Jinx Dawson. This is "Lady O", by Jinx's groundbreaking occult rock band Coven. I strung together key images of Jinx and Coven and their iconography to weave the story of "Lady O"... whoever she may be. This song by rights should have been a huge hit. It appears on Coven's classic 1974 album, Blood on the Snow.

Created August 6, 2009.
Special thanx to James Barnes, Jay Velez, William Jannusch, Derek Jones, Rachel Kadushin, and of course Jinx Dawson.

HC 93

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'Lady O' Written by and Copyright 2009, 2010 Jinx Dawson. 'Lady O' for Jinx video Copyright 2009, 2010 George Henry Smathers Jr.


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