Friday, October 30, 2009

Entropie Frograt & the Apocalypse Flowers - LOLITA 93 [HQ] - Musick Video by Henry Zeo Covert

At long last, a video - or an image really - to accompany my song "LOLITA 93" . This was performed in June of 1993 by the first iteration of my occasional musickal side project, Entropie Frograt & the Apocalypse Flowers. The tune was written and arranged by keyboardist Silver Oak and myself, and features drummer Michael Lillard; the three of us were all former members of North Carolina cult band Chiaroscuro, founded in 1986 by Jason V Brock.

My then-fiancee Anais played electric violin, and trading guitar and sundry doodads with me is Elisa Faires, who sings lead on the last portion of the track. Elisa is now a highly respected veteran performer and teacher of avant-garde musick based in Asheville NC. My old friend Duane Cochran, a veteran of the Wilmington NC film scene, assisted me in EQ-ing and remastering an album's worth of Frograt material onto CD. What resulted was a collection of very noisy but (hopefully) highly listenable lo-fi tracks which comprise the album 1231, completed in June of 2000.

1231 went viral in 2007 with the assistance of brilliant NC musician Richard Lizard, and this video was created on August 30, 2009. An alternate video was also created - with actual moving images! - the same week, but Windows Movie Maker conversion issues have prevented me from publishing it as of yet.

Special thanx to Jason V Brock, musical mentor to most of the Flowers on this track; and to 'S'.

Entropie Frograt essentially = Henry Zeo Covert. The Apocalypse Flowers on the final cut of "LOLITA 93":

Silver Oak (aka Jeremy Horne)
Michael Lillard
Elisa Faires
Anais (aka Ann Roberts)
Cockring (aka Duane Cochran)
Richard Lizard (aka Richard Jacob)

Copyright 2009, 2010 George Henry Smathers Jr. A Horne/ Smathers Composition.


Win Scott Eckert said...

Tres cool! It's good to see you posting more here. I've essentially abandoned MySpace in favor of my own Blogger site and Facebook.

Henry Covert said...

Me too, Win. I updated my MySpace somewhat this week for the first time in at least a month, but the blog's moved way up on my overall priority list.