Thursday, September 19, 2013

More on the Return...

Despite letting this blog lapse into (even greater) obscurity as 2011 waned, the intention was always to build a permanent blog by 2013 at my official website, Purple Purple Serpent is the imprint under which I've done my work in comix, my music, and any other creative ventures. My good friend and former editor Shawnti Therrien (on the comic anthology With Honor, which has fostered a very enthusiastic fan group on Facebook though the book itself failed due to publisher missteps) designed an amazing logo for P.S. that I'll display in the near future (I'm on the mac, and much of my graphics are on the PC's external hard drive, alas). Shawnti is a mad creative, doing comix, prose, and forging demented little dolls.

2012 was a busy writing and performing year for my wife, Sarah L. Covert, and myself. We toiled as volunteers for Bob Almond's Inkwell Awards (and were able to vote for outstanding inking talent for the year; more on the Inkwells in another post). We wrote much for Sarah's website, She Never Slept, and recruited Associate Editor Sean Levin. We did extensive convention reports in the summer - on the HeroesCon (as we had in 2011), and on ConCarolinas, a relatively new convention in the area. I tolied on my web comix much of the year until they became untenable to produce for (about that, more in future installments)

Notable for myself, we recorded several episodes of Retrodrome, my semi-regular discussion of classic, obscure, and overlooked films, books, and comix. Links to all the Retrodrome segments on the SNS site will be provided in an upcoming blog, as will links to all my online work published in 2012, as my resume on this site is sorely out of date. As the year closed, Retrodrome and my SNS reviews and articles were growing fewer, for reasons I'll enumerate in coming blogs (though we were still deeply ensconced in the Inkwell Awards, at least until the summer).

I thank my partner in all things, Sarah, for standing by me and for the support and the creative inspiration in general, but especially during the rough year of 2013. Here we are, happily cavorting in the Pacific Northwest in December 2009 (photo by Jason V Brock).

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