Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Image du Jour

I am way behind on my images. So I'm posting three to slightly atone for my slackness. Above is Ronnie James Dio, from his first stint (of three) in Black Sabbath. Ronnie has been my favorite vocalist and, for lack of a better term, a hero to me since 1982. It was recently reported that Ronnie is in the early stages of stomach cancer. Not being a religious person, I'm not exactly praying for Ronnie, but sending him all the positive energy I can muster (which praying is a ritualistic variation of anyway in my opinion). If anyone reading is in any way a fan, please do the same.

Next: more Octobriana (though I can never get enough personally)!

... And finally, one of several covers of Philip Jose Farmer's (as the cover says) "shocking underground classic of blood and lust", A Feast Unknown, which I highly recommend seeking out - though certain scenes may rattle some folks' cages a bit too much for them to appreciate it.
HC 93