Saturday, August 10, 2019

Forging Ahead (Or At Least Sideways)

What a year. 

Since my last post here, I have gained so many wonderful things in my life, but also tragically lost the most important ones. The world itself has also seemed to become an ever sadder, darker place. My art and creations are my only real outlet for collating the rage and alienation born of these occurrences.

I considered abandoning this blog completely, but have decided to keep it up indefinitely as a place to discuss things that won't fit into what will now be my main blog: 

Henry Covert's Flicker Street 
               "Blake & Shine" by Henry Zeo Covert, sharpie and computer, 2019.

- still under construction; I've also purchased the domain names henrycovertsflickerstreet and therealflickerstreet). Everything I wish to share, report, and advertise, regarding my "magnum opus" will be found on that official blog/ website, and I will share its posts on my social media outlets pertaining to Flicker Street. 

This blog will still be here, to report on personal events (as i feel comfortable); projects outside the purview of Flicker Street; art of others that I wish to share; and occasional musings on the state of the world as seen through my eyes. My YouTube channel will also be a place for me to discuss such things, on-camera. 

Please feel free to follow the new site. It's a bit threadbare at the moment, but that will change as the Summer waxes and wanes. It will be the one-stop nerve center of all things Flicker Street - the place where one can learn all about the stories and characters, take in the designs and illustrations, and hopefully get lost in the world-building. And, of course, keep up on what tangible forms the opus will assume, and where, how, and for how much, such items are. 

It may be a week, it may be another year, before I post here again. Thanx everyone who's followed me here over the last decade.

Henry Covert 
August 10, 2019

* Thanx especially to Sean, Scott, Jon, Tim, Delphine, JoAnn, and, with all my being, thanx to Miss Kelli Lynn Overby.