Sunday, June 6, 2010

Images des Mois

Possession for the New Millenium?

Here are a few international posters and promo images from Lars Von Trier's contentious masterpiece (allegedly available for pre-order from Amazon as a deluxe uncut DVD or Blu-ray from Criterion).

I close with this brief and now notorious clip from the film, which has become its viral calling card on the web (the key still for which appears directly above):

I may be be pilloried for saying it, but... I love it! Bring on that Criterion!



Cease said...

Wow! I recall this coming out; I need to get on a movie subscription service this summer. The posters are very exciting; thanks! MAYBE they'll help me think up a cover to my story. Something moody, overall, tho I picture a pair of cartoons in it as well.

Paul D Brazill said...

I liked the film, though I closed my eyes at the 'icky' bit but it didn't stop me enjoying it.