Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Renovations and Rebirth

My life has changed considerably since my last post here. I'm in the process of renovating this blog to reflect the changes. So many things that used to mean so much in my life are now gone, so there was really no need to keep any reminders here. I'm in the midst of a lengthy process of recovery and healing and doing my best to appreciate what I have left and to engage with life in some meaningful manner again. Those who follow me on Facebook are no doubt aware of some of the past year and a half's worth of drama and madness. There are quite a few wonderful people that I'm in touch with online (some of whom I know corporeally, as well) that have provided strong support and encouragement through the array of challenges I've faced since 2015.

Going forward (simply because the alternative is untenable), I'll be using this blog in much the same manner as in the past – to share thoughts, reviews, images, and to add to the foundations of FLICKER STREET, a project which I suppose I should finally embrace as my proverbial life's work. The major difference is that I'm now truly independent and not dependent on the creative and emotional infrastructure I enjoyed with my former spouse. The downside is the occasional fear and loneliness; the upshot is an autonomy I've never really been able to obtain before.

That's it for now. There is more to come, including inevitable shout-outs to those cherished folks who were crucial to my continued existence.

Henry Covert

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